Sunday, 16 August 2015

Red hot sigma frock

My husband once shamefully admitted that Chris De Burgh's song Lady in Red leaves him a little teary. 

Well this is Papercut's Sigma frock, fully lined I might add, in a delicious wool crepe that I splurged on at the beginning of winter when I was actually excited about rugging up against the chilly weather ahead. Now I'm all about summer sewing - almost finished another Sallie jumpsuit in a tie-dyed viscose knit, but I absolutely love this pattern, a definite go-to for me. Wouldn't go so far as to say it makes me cry, but hey, never say never...

Besides, I've been wanting a red wool-crepe winter dress ever since I tried an ill-fitting version on at Kuwaii years and years ago. Same old story for me - huge at the top, too tight at the hips. I couldn't sew back then, so I just left the change room feeling like a weirdly shaped freak who needed to cut the carbs and go paleo or something. I know better now, of course. Not only can I make my own, even more lovely version. I possess the secret knowledge of sewers: measurements are nothing more than a series of numbers. Hallelujah!

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