Thursday, 18 September 2014

These pants are pretty much a shameless copy of these ones made by Lizzy House. I loved them so much I went straight to my new-found Nani Iro dealer, Miss Matatabi and bought myself some fabric.

Look you can even see my needy rescue Greyhound, George.

But back to more important matters. I used a different pattern to Lizzy, who went went for this new Simplicity which wasn't available in Australia yet.  Being a bit behind down here in Oz I used Simplicity 1887 instead. I've seen it on a few blogs with mixed results and I wouldn't say I am enamoured with the pattern. I made a wearable muslin that turned out huge - though I must admit, they have become pj favourites. When I made my beloved Nani Iro version I took the sides in by about 5cm and I'm still not sure.

They are super comfy and I love the print and I have got tonnes of compliments, so maybe they are OK.

And the pockets are awesome. You can fit a lot in them.

I also made the t-shirt out of Cleg's best-knit-fabric-ever bamboo/spandex. It's Megan Nielsen's briar and it's my go-to t-shirt pattern. I love it.

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