Monday, 25 August 2014

Thank you for being a friend...

Which Golden Girl would wear this jacket? My money's on Dorothy, but I have a feeling Blanche would give it a go.

This is Tessuti's Tokyo jacket made up in a sparkly silver jacquard. It was a risky fabric choice, but there I stood in Tessuti, premenstrual and craving silver. NOW. So against professional advice I decided to sew up this jacket in a heavier, stiffer fabric that is not recommended for this pattern.

I think if kind of works but I wouldn't say I am in love with it. It is darker and more sparkly in real life but in the pics it kind of looks like a painters jacket or something Dorothy might wear on a mediocre date at the opera with a stuffy and distinguished gentleman. Ah live and learn.

I do like the rest of my outfit though.

The top is a Nettie made up in a lovely Jersey also from Tessuti. I tried and tried to make a decent bodysuit from this pattern but I could never get it right. First off I printed the pattern out using incorrect scaling so when I sewed it up it was so small it fit my eight year old! Once I figured out what I'd done wrong I made another Nettie using really stretchy fabric and the body was too long and even the bum was massive, which is saying something on my figure. Then I made another and the snaps were bulky and annoying and looked terrible. Then I gave up. But I do love the scoop neckline and back so I decided to make a Nettie top and finally - success! It doesn't even ride up so I get the convenience of a top with the smooth lines of a bodysuit. Score.

I think Colette's Zinnia makes for a pretty great midi skirt. I have made a billion, okay maybe just four, and I get a lot of wear out of them. This one is a drapey silk-blend from The Fabric Store that has a bit of weight to it. The pleats are more flattering than gathers, though I didn't stitch them down like the pattern recommends. I simply folded the pleats and basted them in place along the top of the skirt before attaching the waistband. Colette patterns are always a bit of a hit and miss for me - I have made a few duds, that's for sure, but this one is a keeper.   

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