Friday, 28 August 2015

Made up: the Inari t-dress

I don't want to come across all single white female, but with our shared passion for sewing and literature I like to think of Karen from Did You Make That? as a kindred sewing spirit. So when Karen blogged about the Made Up initiative to raise money for the National Literacy Trust I knew I had to be part of it.

Besides donating money, contributors are asked to pledge to make something to show their support. I vowed to whip up this simple little Inari t-shirt frock by Named. There are some pretty cool versions out there in blog land. Be sure to check out Heather's linen version and Helen's scuba knit if you haven't already. And I love this ikat version.

I'm on a total Named kick at the moment. Sure the patterns are on the pricey side and tracing sucks, but the designs are unique, really cool and beautifully drafted.  I've just finished tracing the Ama maxi frock so that's next on the list.

My version is in a black ponti-type knit from Rathdowne fabrics. As Nina Garcia would say, black is NOT very editorial and hard to photograph, but you get the idea. Next time I'll use something with a little more drape like a linen or even a piece of silk. I feel like this fabric is a bit stiff and wrinkle-prone - not the best choice for this make. Even so, I've been wearing it a lot.

The Inari is a fun, quick pattern. It's an easy to throw on piece when you want to give up but can't quite get away with ugg-boots and leggings because it is simply unprofessional to rock up to work looking like an inpatient.

And sometimes that's exactly what a girl needs.

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  1. I realise that I have completely come to this *very* late (August 2015 - where have I been?) but I love your take on this and I also love finding fellow bloggers in Melbs-land (I assume, since you have been to Rathdowne Fabrics...). I am totally going to steal this idea, thanks!